This module will introduce you to ophthalmic lens theory. You will gain a knowledge and understanding of basic optics, spherical, astigmatic and toric lenses, the lens measure, lens thickness and the effect of incorporating an ophthalmic prism in a spectacle lens. You will also learn how the field of view is altered when looking through a spectacle lens.

At the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the materials and recall the terminology used in ophthalmic lenses

  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of basic optical principles which apply to ophthalmic lenses, the lens measure and its relation to lens thickness

  • Recognise and define terms relating to ophthalmic prisms

  • Apply basic mathematical concepts to solve ophthalmic lens problems both graphically and by calculation

  • Carry out all types of transposition


  • The module will be examined at the end of semester 2 in a 1.5 hour closed book examination which will consist of structured questions.

To pass this module you will need a mark of 40%