This online course complements staff development workshops introducing Web 2.0 technologies for learning and teaching.

It provides an introduction to Web 2.0 giving tutors the opportunity to explore a range of different technologies which could prove useful for their specific teaching environment. This may provide blended learning solutions in a climate in which physical learning spaces are shrinking and virtual learning spaces are becoming main stream within educational settings.

This course is built on the theoretical framework of a Community of Practice (CoP) as proposed by Wenger (1998). Throughout the course you will be expected to set up and maintain a public blog whilst commenting on the posts of your peers as part of your reflections on your learning. The cornerstone of your blog will be built on the underpinning theory of Gibb's Reflective Cycle (1988) or another model of your choice.

You will be expected to plan learning activities with Web 2.0 tools and reflect on this experience. It is therefore necessary that whilst you undertake this programme you are also teaching, or at least, planning to teach with students. Feedback from your learners on your new initiatives will help you evaluate the pedagogical implications of using Web 2.0 technologies.